5 morning rituals to keep you productive

5 morning rituals to keep you productive
July 10, 2016 Oasis500

Below are five morning rituals to keep you productive as suggested by our own entrepreneurs Badea Jaber and Haya Issa from elmuda:

1. Instead of watching the (typically negative) morning news, opt to feed your mind in a positive way. Read a few pages out of a great book, watch an inspirational YouTube video about, for example, Nick Vujicic who was born with no limbs, or simply email your best friend to say that you miss them.

2. The scientifically proven 7 Minute Workout is a great boost of energy and takes no time at all to complete. Download the App and get moving!

3. Go green with a green smoothie! This super healthy choice increases mental clarity; removes toxins; acts as a great source of omega-3, protein and nutrients; instills a positive lifestyle change; and ultimately increases your productivity. Try out the scrumptious strawberry pomegranate green smoothie, which includes a banana, a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of coconut water, a cup of fresh spinach, and half a cup of pomegranate. And voilà a tasty healthy slice of heaven!

4. Set daily goals and expectations. What would you like to achieve today?

5. Skip the coffee for a while. Drink a glass of water or lukewarm water with a lemon slice. Later on in the day, indulge in a cup of java for a midday energy boost.

Authors: Badea Jaber – elmuda’s Editor-in-Chief, and Haya Issa – elmuda’s Fashion Editor


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