Apply to Oasis500 Training Bootcamp Beirut

Apply to Oasis500 Training Bootcamp Beirut
July 10, 2013 Oasis500


Oasis500 Training – Beirut, Lebanon
August 25th – 29th – CoWorking +961, Sursock str.
Apply here
Applications deadline: 18th of August 2013


Are you ready to kick-start your very own venture?

Do you want to grow and accelerate your existing business?

Oasis500, a leading early stage and seed investment company, is a unique entrepreneurial platform for all entrepreneurs passionate about starting and accelerating their own companies.

The Oasis500 training bootcamp provides all the resources necessary for entrepreneurs to succeed in building businesses in the fields of ICT, digital media and mobile. Candidates who complete the training bootcamp are eligible to:

  • Seed funding
  • Working space
  • Coaching and acceleration
  • Access to a mentor network of experienced and accomplished professionals
  • Access to an angel investor network


Our application’s process is pretty simple. All we require from you is to fill our online application here describing your business in 140 characters. If your idea qualifies, our training department will contact you to fill a small application form and will schedule a short interview to know more about your business.

*Oasis500 bootcamp is limited to 60 seats per training, and is subject to USD $200 training fees.
** Interviews will be conducted via skype
*** Deadline for receiving Applications 18th of August 2013
**** 50% discount if:
– You are referred by one of our partners below.
– You refer someone or are referred by someone.

We look forward to meeting you at our upcoming boot camp.

CoWorking +961, Sursock Street,
Ashrafieh, Beirut
Google Maps Link: Location

Apply to Oasis500 Training Bootcamp Beirut


  1. bachar 6 years ago


  2. bachar 6 years ago

    like like lke like

  3. joe 6 years ago

    hi, is the bootcamp an all-day or afternoon event?

  4. Oasis500 6 years ago

    Hi Joe its an all day, 5 days event. 8 am – 6 pm

  5. Essam 6 years ago

    Hi I wanted to ask if we are a team of 2 can we apply as a team?

  6. Oasis500 6 years ago

    Hi Essam. of course you can =)

  7. albara 6 years ago

    how about travel and accomadation expences? is this funded ?

  8. Oasis500 6 years ago

    Hi albara
    we don’t give accommodation and expenses.

  9. azza yehia 6 years ago

    What I am mainly concerned with is what happens after the 6 day boot camp? On your website your process is 4-step. Will the remaining 3 steps happen in Lebanon? Please clarify.

  10. Oasis500 6 years ago

    hello Azza

    as for the remaining 3 steps: funding, acceleration and incubation at our facility, and angel network investment, we will surely be giving seed and angel investments for qualifying startups. mentorship and incubation can be either in our facility in Amman or in the facilities of our partners in Beirut.

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