Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much funding should I expect once I become an Oasis500 company?

    For the ICT/Tech Fund, approved companies are awarded with an initial seed investment of $30K – $50K depending on their individual status and sector (divided into cash and in-kind services). Consequently, Oasis500 becomes a 5% – 15% shareholder.

    For the Creative Industries Fund, approved companies are awarded with an initial seed investment of $31K (which is a cash only investment). Consequently, Oasis500 becomes a 5% – 15% shareholder.

  • What kind of companies does Oasis500 fund?

    We invest in ideas and businesses in the Tech Industry, Creative Industries, and Space Ventures.

  • What is the reason behind starting Oasis500 and who is behind it?

    This initiative comes directly from His Majesty King Abdullah II, with hands-on initiative by a group of successful entrepreneurs and investors who act as our Board of Directors.

  • Is there anything else we should expect from Oasis500, other than funding?

    For less experienced entrepreneurs who want to know more about starting a company, we host a monthly bootcamp, which covers all business aspects and provides participants with a comprehensive and detailed “Survival Kit” designed to form a solid foundation for any startup. After the Bootcamp, they can apply for investment.

    For entrepreneurs that manage to get investment, they gain an automatic acceleration period at Oasis500 offices in Jordan. We at Oasis500 have always preferred the term acceleration over incubation, as we see that the 3 months (100 days) incubation period at Oasis500 offices accelerates the startups to achieve significant milestones and goals.

    During the acceleration period, our startups get thorough coaching and mentoring from the Oasis500 team, industry experts, and a group of local, regional, and international mentors. Other services offered to startups during the acceleration period include legislation services, financial services, marketing and communications, office space and internet access, as well as exclusive deals from our partners and supporters.

  • Once we receive the funding, does Oasis500 get any equity in my company?

    In exchange for the training, investment, and acceleration services that we provide for the entrepreneurs and their business, Oasis500 receives a 5-15% equity stake in the startup company. We want to be thought of as an experienced and well-connected co-founder, consequently sharing the same risk and reward system.

  • Why is Oasis500 interested in receiving shares in my company?

    We believe that the value of learning, networking, and coaching provided by our program is of remarkable value. The Oasis500 program will provide you with the stepping stone and will significantly increase your chances for success and sustainability. Once we invest, we’re motivated to help you succeed by introducing you to people who can help, assisting you with methodologies and strategies, in addition to networking, and coaching.

  • Upon giving Oasis500 shares in my company, how much control do they have over the company?

    We do not have any controlling interests in your company, and we will not ask for any uncommon investor rights. We want to be viewed as a co-founder, and we expect to have all the same rights as any other co-founder, in compliance to our minority ownership position.

  • Why is Oasis500 doing all this?

    We just want to develop a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region, capable of creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their own companies and be their own bosses, and subsequently raise the economy and create job opportunities.

  • What happens if we need further funding?

    We provide the seed funding necessary to get you going, but you may need more funding to make it further. For that reason, Oasis500 regularly holds Angel Investor Events where you are given the chance to pitch your startup to local and regional angel investors and venture capitalists. We will prepare you for these events so you are as effective as possible, and will do everything we can to help get you additional follow-on funding.

  • What happens if my company fails?

    Things happen, and you tried. You’ll still have an impressive resume item for your next plan. Also, you will have met a large number of well-connected people who can help you tremendously with whatever you decide to do next. Hopefully, that will be another startup.

  • What are the chances of getting accepted into Oasis500 if I am a single founder?

    Typically we look for sufficient, well-balanced teams who have a full range of skills. Having said that, we strongly advise you to seek co-founders who balance your skill set. For example, if you’re a strong developer, you might want to consider adding someone with business and/or marketing experience.

  • Is there a specific age range you are expecting?

    The typical age range we’re expecting of our founders is 22-45 years old, but we definitely would consider younger and older founders as well.

  • Is it required that I send in a business plan?

    As a first step you are only required to submit your online application, no business plan is needed at this stage.

  • Where can I check for updates and news?

    Visit our website regularly for announcements and latest news or follow us on social media (you can find our social media buttons in the footer below)

  • During the acceleration/incubation period, is there a daily routine for the entrepreneurs?

    It’s your company, so you’ll be hard at work on your product. It is preferable to work at the Oasis500 premises as this way you’ll have direct access to our facilities and team if you need anything. You can however choose to work anywhere else that you want. About two or three days a week, we will organize informal educational sessions with our mentors which we do expect you to attend for your own benefit.
    We don’t tell you what to do or when, but we create an environment that is crucial to helping your startup every day. Also, we’ll make sure you have many experienced mentors around to help you.

  • Is Oasis500 restricted to Jordanians only?

    Oasis500 is a program designed to be of benefit for Jordanians and non-Jordanians alike. As long as you and your team can be in Jordan legally for the duration of the 100-day acceleration, you are welcome to join.

  • Is it possible to receive funding without attending the training? Is it possible to go to the investment stage directly?

    Certain companies will be eligible for funding directly, yes. Allow us to assess what stage you and your company are at, and arrange how we can progress together accordingly.

  • Is my intellectual property protected when I apply?

    We will not be sharing your application/idea with anyone outside Oasis500 for this and other reasons, so please don’t ask us to sign an NDA.

  • Are we still qualified to join Oasis500 if our team outsources software development?

    Yes. Typically, we think it is best not to outsource what you are, but it obviously works in some cases. We’re happy to consider any application on a case by case basis.

  • Do I get a certificate stating that I have completed the Oasis500 Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop?

    Candidates are eligible for training certificates from Oasis500 after successfully completing the pitching stage.

  • What else?

    After you submit your online application, please wait for us to contact you.
    please keep in mind it can take a few days as we are constantly screening new applications as they come in.