Starting a Business in Jordan

Starting a Business in Jordan
August 1, 2018 Oasis500

July 28th 2018

Oasis500” held, in collaboration with “GIST“, an innovation hub panel titled: “Starting a Business in Jordan”. As the name implies, the session went over what every entrepreneur should know to start their own business. The panel consisted of experts in many sectors within the field of entrepreneurship, with expertise ranging from legal and financial matters to consultancy on seed stage operations and growth.

Sharing his personal entrepreneurial journey, the session’s moderator Raed Madanat, founder of “Beyond Excellence” and senior technical consultant in SME development and labour market at “Al Jidara Investment Services“,  discussed the difficulties he faced in his career and pointed out means of avoiding such difficulties and tackling them on spot. He also challenged the typical entrepreneurial mindset of the Jordanian youth and encouraged a more objective approach to starting one’s own  business.

Mr. Madanat then introduced the panel of experts: The financial manager of “Oasis500” Samer Arabiat, the founder and CEO of “Daoud Law Firm” Dr. Khaled Daoud, and director of “Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship” Mr. Mohammad Obeidat.

The session took the form of a discussion between the panelists. An informative discourse covering a variety of topics took place, where they provided the attendees with tools for starting a business. Mr. Obeidat demystified to the audience how startups can have access to finance and talked about the local supporting entities available, whether at the seed or the growth stage. Mr. Arabiat highlighted types of investments entrepreneurs can benefit from to develop their business idea, the means of acceleration, and the operation and purpose of accelerators like “Oasis500”. Dr. Khaled Daoud passionately delivered to the audience crucial legal and operational advice that included topics like company registration, taxation, and employee compensation. He also emphasized the importance of professional legal consultancy for any starting business.   

The session ended with Q&A’s, extending it half an hour longer than planned, due to the overwhelming number of inquiries enthusiastically called for by audience. Ultimately, the session was a success based on the feedback provided by the attendees during the networking that took place after the event.



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