Oasis500 Invests in Eleven New Startups

Oasis500 Invests in Eleven New Startups
December 4, 2017 Oasis500
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Oasis500 proudly invests in eleven new startups

Expanding its umbrella of investments for 2017

Amman, Jordan – December 4, 2017. Building on its mission of investing in entrepreneurial and innovative startups in the technology and creative industries sectors, Oasis500 invested in 11 new innovative startups that are founded by ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs. Under the technology investments, “36.6 Healthcare Solutions”, “Akaryana”, “Amwalcom”, “Sanadyme.com”, “Jumlah”, “GoGo” and “DareebaTech” were invested into, while “360 moms”, “Tarteeb”, “Silkroad Audio” and “Nafsika Skourti” are under the creative industries investments.

Mr. Faisal Hakki; CEO of Oasis500 and the team celebrated the new batch of investments with an introductory breakfast, where Mr. Hakki explained the stages of the six-month acceleration program that Oasis500 provides to its entrepreneurs. CEO and Co-founder of Impact MENA; Mr. Farhan Kalaldeh attended the breakfast and introduced the Kauffman Foundation FastTrac TechVentures program; which will be provided to the entrepreneurs as part of their acceleration program under Oasis500.

“36.6® Healthcare Solutions” created a software solution designed to create more active engagement between health service providers and their patients which is a critical link in the chain of their healing process. The name came from 36.60 is the ideal body temperature! 36.6 will keep “doctors” closer to their patients’ status and allows them to make an accurate real-time decision; that is at the right time and in the right way.

While “Akaryana.com” is a global platform for the marketing of real estate property developments. It helps real estate developers market their properties to a global audience and get quality leads that will result in faster sales. “Akaryana” also helps real estate investors to find properties that match their needs and connect them directly to property developers without having to go through middlepersons.

Where “Amwalcom” is an online comparison website to explore and compare financial product offerings, that saves users time and effort spent travelling around in person to compare offers. And eventually saves them money by getting them the best deal.

As for “Sanadyme.com for Patients’ Support”, it is an interactive platform which aims to provide a secure environment for patients and their families to exchange information and experiences with others. It aims for building the first platform that provides online health information in the Arabic-language by building a network of patients and medical professionals that serve as a supportive community with reference material about health subjects.

While “Jumlah” is a procurement service company that specializes in acquiring, purchasing, collecting and delivering the full range of products needed in the food and beverage industry outlets. It aims to fill in the gap between suppliers and in one hand, and the smaller outlets and shops in the other, creating better communication channels with all parts of the market and creating a smooth flow of products.

Where “GoGo” is a mobile delivery service where independent contractors can drive to pick up and deliver packages.

And last but not least under the technology investments, “DareebaTech”; which is a smart interactive online system – the first of its kind in MENA region – that enables income taxpayers to electronically and smoothly submit their tax return, and pay their dues or receive their exemptions without the need to physically visit any of the branches of the Income and Sales Tax Department. The system also offers taxpayers instantaneous and accurate tax advice to help them make the best out of their tax situation.

Under the creative industries investments, first is “360 Moms”, which is a platform that connects and empowers Arab moms with expert’s feedback on every aspect of being a mother life.

While “Tarteeb” offers tailor made traditional Arabic wear and accessories on an e-commerce platform.

“Silkroad Audio”, a sister company to “Silkroad Images” is the region’s latest provider of exclusive, high fidelity Middle Eastern stock audio. Its extensive library comprises of regionally relevant audio themes, vocals & sound effects, composed & produced by a creative team of business savvy musicians, including Arabic pop-jazz artist Aziz Maraka. “Silkroad Audio” also specializes in writing & composing tailored music pieces that meet the specific needs of corporate brands & filmmakers.

Where last but not least, “Nafsika Skourti” is an emerging upper contemporary label with a global vision. Nafsika Skourti is a women’s ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothing company with a focus on tailoring and evening-wear.



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