Oasis 500 Joins the Startup Federation

Oasis 500 Joins the Startup Federation
August 26, 2015 Oasis500

Oasis500, a leading seed stage investment and business accelerator, and the first of its kind in Jordan and the MENA region, has recently joined the Startup Federation network, founded by the international business incubator “1776”.

Oasis500’s partnership with Startup Federation contributes to its aims in building strategic partnerships to cooperate with a network of business incubators and accelerators that support and help tackle some of the world’s challenges in areas including education, health, energy & sustainability, transportation and smart cities.

This partnership comes at a strategic time where many of Oasis500’s startups have validated their businesses in the markets they operate in and are looking to scale their operations internationally. As the ability to expand and scale is facilitated by such partnerships, Startup Federation serves to give startups the opportunity to transcend geographic boundaries and operate in other locations as well as benefit from mentors and best practices from other startups, incubators, and access various resources from the network which reaches many locations, such as London, Berlin, Moscow, and Startup Federation’s headquarters in Washington DC.

Mr. Yousef Hamidaddin, Oasis500 CEO, expressed his optimism for this valuable alliance, as since its foundation in 2013, Startup Federation has promoted the growth of more than 250 startups through an expanded network of investors, mentors, public sector involvement, and institutional market partners. He also added within the framework of this cooperation that Oasis500 will benefit from one of the largest startup platforms and gaining valuable knowledge from other experiences in the process.”

On his part, Mr. Mohammed Albattikhi, Acceleration Manager at Oasis 500 said that this partnership is mutually beneficial, as it aims to build capacity globally and operate an ecosystem that transcends geographic boundaries, so that entrepreneurs can access the resources they need to scale regardless of the city the startup is based in, and to exchange knowledge and experiences between business acceleration companies.


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