Oasis500 holds its 2016 Retreat

Oasis500 holds its 2016 Retreat
September 22, 2016 Oasis500

Oasis500 held its 2016 Retreat at Urdon Shop & Cafe, where multiple stakeholders, entrepreneurs, government officials, partners, investors and key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem attended to discuss the pillars of Oasis500, the entrepreneurial chain in Jordan and MENA, and the interest for the investment in the new funds that Oasis500 aims to establish in the future.

A welcoming statement was led by Oasis500’s Chairman; His Excellency Marwan Juma and CEO of Oasis500 Mr. Faisal Hakki. Followed by a discussion that was initiated by Her Excellency Majd Shweikeh; Minister of Minister of Information and Communications Technology mentioned how the government can participate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan.

Attracting interest for the upcoming funds, Oasis500 Acceleration Program and Oasis500’s Space Ventures Fund.

Oasis500 aims to help develop a proper entrepreneurial ecosystem that should retain more entrepreneurs in the region and eventually invest and help accelerate different startups in Jordan and MENA.


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