Oasis500 partners with HIVOS to create Oasis500 Creative Industries Training Curriculum

Oasis500 partners with HIVOS to create Oasis500 Creative Industries Training Curriculum
December 17, 2014 Oasis500

Professor Rene Kooyman, an associated fellow at the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) Geneva and a professional education and training expert in the arts with respect to the Creative Sector, visited Oasis500 to refine the training education curriculum and schedule, which were designed in coordination with Oasis500 for the Cultural Entrepreneurship boot camp.

During his visit, a focus group was conducted with creative entrepreneurs representing several sectors in the Jordanian creative industries, which assisted us in coordinating the planning required to hone and finalize the training boot camp material and approach.

Oasis500 will be holding its first Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship Training Boot Camp at our premises in Amman from January 25th to the 29th of 2015. The comprehensive business training we are offering is an all-inclusive program that harmonizes the relationship between the process of creation (culture-based creativity) and the necessity of dealing with the administration and management of an entrepreneurial activity (entrepreneurial drive).

At Oasis500, we are aware that the creative individual may not have all the skills and knowledge to deal with a business. It is to this end that we have partnered with HIVOS to draw upon their expert knowledge in the Creative Industries and create a joint training program that bridges between the artistic creation and the requirements linked with an entrepreneurial activity.

Thus, the Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship Training Boot Camp is part of a creative acceleration model that up-skills creative entrepreneurs, provides them with seed investment, peer-to-peer skills development through mentoring, and access to networks that encourages the collaborative nature of creative production, exposure and dissemination.

The Cultural Entrepreneurship Training Boot Camp is branded for creative entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their own commercial start-up within the creative industries and gain investment and managers of creative spaces to become more sustainable. Those selected will be active in the following sectors: industrial design, fashion, home products, digital media, architecture, film, music, performing arts, crafts, digital art and animation.


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