Closing of the Social Innovation Entrepreneurship Project

Closing of the Social Innovation Entrepreneurship Project
December 19, 2017 Oasis500

In collaboration with UNICEF, Oasis500’s mandate has extended to include Social Innovation as well, it all starts with reaching out to those people with the social entrepreneurial drive, encouraging them to embrace it and submit their startup ideas to Oasis500. Successful applicants are invited to attend our intensive Social Business and Entrepreneurship workshop aimed at building their entrepreneurial capacity and maximizing their potential of securing funding from UNICEF.

Oasis500 is the leading seed investment company and business accelerator in the Tech and Creative Industry spaces based in Amman, Jordan. It enables great entrepreneurs to transform their viable ideas or creative talents into scalable businesses. That includes finding those entrepreneurs, investing in their startups, bridging their know-how gap, and eventually helping them get follow-on funding. In the process, Oasis500 has become one of the most influential players in advancing the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Jordan and the MENA region in general.

During this partnership, three workshops were conducted; enrolling 125 youth among these workshops from different areas in Jordan, as most of the Ideas were focused on implementing social innovation either through software or hardware innovations. These innovations solve certain issue that is faced by the community, such as Transportation, Education and even helping reduce the challenges that are faced by those with special needs.

Each workshop lasted for four days, with intensive sessions that covered several subjects; such as working on developing a Social Business Model Canvas, Financial Statements, regulations and policies, how to price your product, and many different subjects that aim to developing the business Idea, to be eventually presented as a professional pitch, as we had almost 75 pitches presented throughout the three workshops.

Once the entrepreneurs presented their ideas, all ideas were scored and evaluated based on UNICEF’s criteria. This lead into choosing 15 finalists, were they had the opportunity to pitch for the last time in front a group of judges whom are industry expert. The pitches were held during the closing ceremony of the project. After studying each project, the judges announced six winning projects; “Hashtat”, “Sewar Amman”, “ABO”, “Female Plumbing Center”, “FM Lab Future Generator”, and “BusBot”.

This project wouldn’t have been complete without the partners who generously offered their support throughout the project. These partners are: “Careem”, “Loyac Organization”, “King Abdullah II fund for development”, “Tech Tribes”, and “Thikra Initiative”



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