Oasis500 Invests in Syrian Entrepreneurs to encourage them to start new companies

Oasis500 Invests in Syrian Entrepreneurs to encourage them to start new companies
April 3, 2013 Oasis500

Oasis500 has initiated a program supporting Syrian entrepreneurs by contributing in the costs of travel, accommodation and training.


My story started after I had to struggle to run my business in Syria due to the current circumstances. At that point, it was clear to me that I need to start a new business aimed for the Middle East and it was impossible to start in Syria. I started my quest to find the best options out there for entrepreneurs in the region. I have looked at incubators in Lebanon, Dubai and the gulf but unfortunately, I didn’t find one that can cater to all my needs at that point. I was looking for an entity that will assist me in launching a company from scratch and have a whole supportive environment enabling me to leverage my company in a short period of time.


After 2 months of searching and a couple of failed attempts at starting my company with regional incubators, I came to Oasis500 in March of 2012. The first requirement they asked is to attend their training, a pre-requirement for their investment program; something they call a bootcamp. With all the experience I have under belt, I was skeptic that this training was targeted at me, but then and there I decided to enroll, and believe me I realized that I had been living in a different world. They were talking about startups, raising funds, pitching to investors, acceleration programs and many other things that I never practiced or heard of. I took it seriously and wanted to learn everything that was being taught. It was clear that I must learn and execute if I want to get the funding and start my business.

After the bootcamp, we were all asked to prepare a 10 minute pitch, the stage where Oasis500 filters their candidates and selects the top companies to get investments. You might think that doing a 10 minute presentation in-front of investors is easy, after all its only 10 minutes! But after the training, you realize that each and every word you say in your pitch has a major role in securing your round of funding. The day the results came out and I got my investment was one of the best days in my life. They gave me seed fund, the first amount of money that will enable me to achieve milestones to pursue bigger investments from Angel Investors and venture capital funds. They also gave me mentorship from seasoned international entrepreneurs, hands-on coaching from their experts and office space in their high-tech accelerator to start my business. And not just that, they even helped me in arranging for my accommodation!

Now, it’s been 10 months since I joined Oasis500. I have become a totally different person. My company (ShopGo) was able to secure funds from Wamda Ventures and 500 Startups (Silicon Valley), and I have a team of 13 professionals working with me to serve clients from all around the region. Oasis500 introduced me to market leaders: Aramex, Wamda, Zein and many others.

All I can say is that joining Oasis500 has been an exceptional experience in my life. My advice: “If you have a dream, passion, and dedication; join Oasis500 and make an impact in your life.”


Oasis500 partnership program for Syrian entrepreneurs:

We believe in the experience and technological ability of Syrian entrepreneurs, and in order to give them a unique opportunity to start their IT companies, Oasis500 has initiated a program supporting those entrepreneurs by contributing in the costs of travel, accommodation and training.

This campaign was launched in cooperation with the Mr. Abdulsalam Haykal, It is specifically structured for Syrian entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity to create their company or are seeking investment to grow their existing IT companies.

This is an opportunity that every passionate Syrian entrepreneur should take advantage of. Don’t miss it! Apply Now