Fahed Qteishat

Fahed Qteishat

Assistant Marketing Manager

My job is to put your brand under the spotlight.

Currently, I am holding the position of Assistant Marketing Manager at Oasis500 with a thorough education and work experience in Marketing.

Specializing in and holding a certificate in Digital Marketing has helped me focus on delivering a superior brand experience which includes SEM, SEO, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing, Website Management, App Store Optimization (ASO), Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Budgeting, Planning and Data Analysis.

I have managed to help a large number of startups, well-established businesses & international brands have achieved their success in Jordan and across the MENA region. This was done through different marketing campaigns starting with brand awareness, driving user engagement, acquisition and ultimately increasing sales and conversions. Thus, I have decided to help other individuals and organizations by providing them with the mentorship that’s lacked in our region to be able to thrive in Digital Marketing.

Jordan has a vast pool of entrepreneurs who need to be mentored, motivated and driven to achieve success. With the current technology in our hands, nothing is impossible.

Feel free to reach me anytime.