Nidal Qanadilo

Nidal Qanadilo

Chief Coach

Regardless of the maturity stage of your company, ‘Know-How’ is one of the most critical, yet under-served Startups’ success factors.  Almost everything you’re about to do is ‘new’ to you!  This includes: producing new products/services, marketing & selling them, inspiring employees to go above and beyond while working for a high risk startup, convincing investors (if you know how to find them) to invest in your company, and building the needed capacity level to anticipate & respond to the ever changing market dynamics, to name a few.

Yes, it is overwhelming.

As the Chief Coach at Oasis 500, I can help make sense of it all. This is how: I have been immersed in driving and enabling aspiring entrepreneurs & organizations to embrace their ‘Entrepreneurial Drive’ at Oasis 500 and beyond, for quite some time – worked with 1,200+ entrepreneurs, 70+ startups & 40+ global/regional companies, to date.
My experience over the last 27 years both as a C-level executive and entrepreneur, combined with my MBA (Lancaster University, UK) afforded me the knowledge, business acumen and skills necessary to drive your startups’ growth.

Product development, product-market fit, customer acquisition, and distribution are just some of the areas we will work on, building on my expertise in the following: Sales/Service Delivery Models, Strategic Management, Capacity Building, ‘Entrepreneurial Learning’, Organizational Management, Business Development, Leadership, Customer Experience Management, Business Process Outsourcing, the ‘Network Effect’, and Employee Engagement.
As a firm believer in the under-tapped magnificent potential of entrepreneurs, I will help you channel that drive into a successful startup through the right balance between proven theory and practice. That’s when the magic starts to happen!