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Program Graduates

This cohort consists of a diverse group of startups offering solutions in several sectors including FinTech, HealthTech, EnergyTech, Hardware and E-commerce.


Tanda is a financial solutions platform that capitalizes on the need for alternative banking products in a region characterized with high financial exclusion. Tanda currently offer a digitized ROSCA and are continuously adding new financial products to serve the financially un- and underserved individuals

Founders: Bisher Assamak, Ghaith Assamak, Zeina Kharouf, Ayman Dababneh


TakalamTech develops a real-time solution for people that face stuttering challenges to reduce stuttering through a hidden wearable and an application, utilizing AI for dynamic configuration that other market players lack, making it the first mover in MENA.

Founders: Abdallah Alfaris, Abdulkarim Al-Banna

AlHaq / Tera watt

Under Al-Haq Ltd. Terawatt develops renewable energy storage solutions that are competitive and more efficient than existing products in the market. The solutions utilize effective materials to store electricity that can be mined locally and retains the energy for a greater time span

Founders: Bashar Malkawi, Sami Almalkawi


JordiLight is the first multidimensional Adventure Utility Flashlight that combines multiple functions into one easy to use and durable device. Unlike conventional flashlights and headlamps, JordiLight is the flashlight/headlamp redefined into a multi-function device ready for any use case. Enjoy your passion for outdoor activities.

Founders: Robert Haddad


Quiq Claim is attempting to solve cash flow issues straining doctors while waiting for their medical claims collection from insurance companies, as well as offering appealing investment opportunities through a settlement and investments platform catering the Medical Insurance Industry.

Founders: Zeid Aljazi


Fitely is your high-tech health and fitness digital companion that provides you with everything you need for a health and fitness lifestyle in a hassle-free manner under your fingertips.

Founders: Siwar Alkhalid, Abedlhaleem Shahin

Pi Pharma Intelligence

"PI Pharma Intelligence provides MENA’s standardized data, analytics, and intelligence services about pharmaceutical drugs, patents and companies’ information, which aim at enabling companies in reducing investment uncertainties, increasing planning efficiency, and enhancing the pharmaceuticals data compliance in the MENA region. "

Founders: Nusaibah Aljaloudi

About the Program

Oasis500 sets founders up for

Our 6 month Acceleration Program is designed to help Startups build a solid foundation to put their business ideas into practice in a timely and efficient manner. Our services help founders develop their business and test the market with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and most importantly equip the team with skills addressing the knowledge gap that helps them prepare for the next stage of financing and growth. The Program focuses on knowledge transfer through customised hands-on coaching and mentoring delivered inhouse by the Oasis500 team and external subject matter experts specificaly product centric enhancement.