We invest in startups and equip their founders with the tools to growWith a strong focus on driving growth, Oasis500 extends a six-month, hands-on acceleration program that caters to the specific and wide-ranging needs of emerging companies. In addition to providing funding, technical supervision, mentorship and networking opportunities, Oasis500 delivers managerial services - including office space; accounting, auditing and legal support; and discounted services from its partners.


Investment tickets worth USD 30,000 - USD 100,000 against equity

Acceleration Program

A six-month, hands-on program that aims to reduce time-to-market (TTM)

Technical Supervision

Technical guidance to improve product development


Prime opportunities to connect with industry stakeholders

Managerial Services

Office space; accounting, auditing and legal support; access to discounted value-adding services


Specialized consultation in areas beyond the founder’s expertise

20USD Million

Dedicated to investing in
promising entrepreneurs.

Nasser Saleh


"Oasis500 to us represents family, a first believer that challenged us to do things that we never thought are needed to scale the business. The team of Oasis500 have been instrumental to our growth since inception"

Eman Hylooz


"Simply, I doubt that Abjjad would have sustained without Oasis500. Oasis500 provided us with the support needed throughout our journey, a true partner!"

Hassan Atmeh


"Oasis500 has helped us build a product, go to market, acquire customers and raise funding. A true investment partner."