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Do you have an idea that you’d like to turn into a profitable business?

Submit your idea in Tech or Creative Industries now and get an investment from Oasis500, the leading company in seed investment & startup acceleration in MENA.

Our Model

Identifying Ideas

Entrepreneurs ready for funding will receive an investment of $30K – $50K to start their own company. In return, Oasis500 becomes a partner in the business with a share of 5% – 15%.


After completing the Business and Entrepreneurial Workshop, selected entrepreneurs are awarded with an initial seed investment of $30K – $50K depending on their individual status and sector. Consequently, our fund becomes a 5% – 15% shareholder.

Acceleration & Mentorship

Startups are then accelerated at our facilities for 100 days where the focus will be on driving growth. They will have access to the tremendous cumulative know-how of Oasis500 staff, and our wonderful network of mentors. Not to mention the vibrant community that will help them come to term with their maturing entrepreneurial identity

Investor Network

Our network of over 450 angel investor serves a variety of entrepreneurship sectors through key investment stages and prepares entrepreneurs for further funding by venture capitalists and private equity funds, if needed.

Our Tracks


As the First-Mover of entrepreneurship in the Tech field in the region, Oasis500 helps passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs start their own companies in the different Tech sectors, including Information Technology, Mobile Applications, Digital Media, E-commerce, Web Development, Software development, and Hardware and Electronics Design.

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The Oasis500 Creative Industries track targets talented entrepreneurs & helps them transform their skills into profitable businesses in different Creative sectors, including product design, gastronomy, film, publishing, and solutions for fashion, architecture, music and all creative industries.